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Welcome to Wellness@NIH, a web site designed  by the NIH Health and Wellness Council. 
The research our agency supports has shown that people have the ability to affect their own health through their daily decisions and actions. Wellness@NIH will enable and support you in those efforts – by bringing you information about key health topics, services, and ways large and small that can help you turn your many hours at work into an active part of a 24/7 healthier life.
We invite you explore this site, which will be growing over time, and invite you to Contact Us with questions, comments, and suggestions.  Welcome to Wellness@NIH.
Work & Family Month

 National Eye Institute
5K Walk/Run
Thursday October 24, 2019

A FREE workshop to learn how you can support your employees' well-being.  Taught by NIH Subject Matter Experts, the course provides 2 CLPs for supervisor refresher purposes. 
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