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Online Communities

​​There are many ways to connect with fellow employees, including through online communities. The NIH employee population is large and diverse,  and each of us can serve as a resource to one another. Joining a listserv or following fellow NIHers on social media are just some of the ways we can come together as a community and tap into the rich body of knowledge at NIH.
​Social Media

​Many Institutes and Centers are talking about health and wellness on social media.  Join the conversation by following some of the groups below.  For a full list of NIH social media, click here.

Social Media Links
Twitter Icon @NIHEmp​​l​
Twitter Icon @NIDDKgov
Twitter Icon @NIAGo4Life
Twitter Icon @NIH_ODS
Twitter Icon @NIHprevents
Twitter Icon @SmokeFreegov
Twitter Icon @SmokeFreeWomen
Blog Icon NIH for Health
Facebook Icon Drug Facts​​
Facebook Icon The Heart Truth
Facebook Icon It's a Noisy Planet. Protect Their Hearing
Facebook Icon Know Stroke
Facebook Icon National Eye Health Education Program
Facebook Icon NIH News in Health
Facebook Icon Smokefree Women
Facebook Icon We Can! - Ways to Enhance​ Children's Activity & Nutrition
​Healthy Eating Listserv

​A Listserve dedicated to people who would like to eat in a more health concious manner. This promotes the NIH mission to apply our knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life and reduce illness and disability. Click here to join.

Employee Health and Wellness Activity Listserv​

​This listserv provides information about services in provided in support of employee health and wellness. Click here to join.​

​NIH Parenting Listserv

This listserv provides a forum for NIH parents to exchange parenting, child care, and other related information. Click here to join.​

Life Management Listserv​

​This listserv offers a place for questions and suggestions about resources related to dealing with life while working. For example, do you know of a qualified plumber? What are good vacation spots within a day's drive of NIH?  Click here to join.


For a full list of NIH listservs you can join, visit: