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NIH Well-being Ambassadors


Founded in 2019 as the long-standing NIH Health & Wellness Council was being re-organized, the NIH Well-Being Ambassadors are made up of representatives from each of the 28 Institutes and Centers (ICs) at NIH.  


The mission of the Well-Being Ambassadors is to work directly with key well-being partners at NIH, support the promotion and engagement of the NIH Community in wellness-related activities, and to advance the concept of well-being within the associated IC's supporting wellness-based initiatives. 


NIH Well-Being Ambassadors partner with several groups across NIH. Examples of NIH community partners include: the NIH Health and Wellness Council, the NIH Child Care Board, Aging and Adult Dependent Care Committee. 

​​Institute ​Lead Points of Contact (POCs)

​​​*This IC Well-being Ambassador Representative role is currently vacant. Please contact the program coordinators Alisha Sutton (FIC) and Jenny Jones (NIAID) if you are interested in fulfilling the role, or know of a good candidate from your IC.