NIH Employee Assistance Program

One of the ways NIH fosters the wellness of its employees is to provide them with a full service Employee Assistance Program (EAP).   All employees and their family members can benefit from this free program, which is staffed by professionals with licensure and certification in workplace wellness and behavioral health. All services are strictly confidential.   To learn more about the types of services offered by the EAP, see below.
The EAP provides personalized consultation, short-term supportive counseling, referral and follow up services to enhance personal and professional wellbeing. EAP is an ideal first stop for access to the vast resources of NIH and the outside community. They also offer training and support for workgroups to address issues that impact the work environment.
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Health and Wellness
Do you need assistance to get started on a path that will maximize your physical, emotional, and occupational well-being?  EAP consultants can collaborate with you to establish a commitment toward change, set goals, and suggest appropriate resources on topics such as:
  • Addictions  
  • Assertiveness & Communication Skills 
  • Financial Wellness 
  • Health Education & Preventive Health Services
  • Life Transitions  
  • Mental Health 
  • Motivation Enhancement 
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Personal Etiquette
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tobacco Cessation
Addiction is one of the leading health problems in the country, negatively impacting behavior at home and in the workplace. EAP Consultants will work with you to understand how your addiction may affect you or someone you love.  Click here for more information.
EAP is available, with prior notice, to provide orientation, specific training and hands-on workshops to NIH employees. The workshops may take the form of lectures, discussions, or informal brown bag seminars depending upon the needs and preferences of your workgroup.
They offer workshops on a variety of topics related to work, health, lifestyle and wellness.
If you are interested in having EAP provide onsite training or outreach activities, please contact them at (301) 496-3164 or fill out an online request form.
​Schedule a Consult
To schedule an appointment to meet with an EAP consultant, or call the EAP Office at 301-496-3164.
Appointments are available during typical business hours. In many cases, when an employee is experiencing personal or work-related issues, they can be resolved within a few short-term consultation sessions with the EAP Consultant. In other cases, a longer term intervention is indicated and a referral to the appropriate resource is made. The EAP Consultant will then follow-up with the employee to gauge their progress and satisfaction with the services they received.
Work/Life Balance​
It is not always easy to balance work responsibilities with family and outside activities.  Sometimes achieving an effective work-life balance requires additional support.
EAP Consultants can help assess your needs, explore change strategies and suggest resources to help improve challenging situations.  For more information, click here.
For general information about resources to promote work/life balance at NIH, visit Work/Life at NIH within the Office of Human Resources. 
Crisis Intervention​
EAP provides a full range of onsite Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services to workgroups impacted by traumatic events. If your workgroup has been impacted by a critical incident, early intervention is a key to maintaining well-being and productivity.​ NIH supervisors are encouraged to call EAP on 301-496-3164 to access these services.
Working Effectively​
The demands of the modern workplace can translate into increased workloads, communication barriers and work-related stress.  Job coaching is an EAP service that helps you explore your options for effectively handling work-related concerns.  As Employee Assistance Professionals, the EAP Consultants possess expertise in workplace issues and organizational dynamics.  Click here to learn more about issues EAP Consultants can help you with.
Additional Resources from EAP​