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Your work environment, which includes your immediate workspace (office, lab, clinic, etc.) and your surroundings, can affect your personal health and wellbeing.  The more health promoting our environment is, the more likely we are to feel well and make choices that positively impact our health.

Sometimes, unexpected emergencies and incidents occur in the workplace too, and they can also affect our health and safety. It pays to be pro-active, prevention-oriented, and prepared for your personal health and safety, as well as the health and safety of your colleagues.
NIH has a robust set of health and safety information programs and services for employees working in office, laboratory, and clinical settings.  In this section of Wellness@NIH, you’ll find information about Health and Safety resources that are available to NIH staff.  Working together, we can ensure that the NIH workplaces safe, comfortable, and conducive to health and wellness.
Contact Us if you’re looking for a resource you can’t find; if you know about a resource to add; or if you have any other questions, comments, or suggestions about this section or any topic on Wellness@NIH.

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