Healthy Offices

We spend a good portion of our day at our workplace.  Learn how to make the most of your environment for a healthier and happier day.
Set Up an Ergonomic Workplace​
Have a consultant come to your office or lab for an Ergonomic Evaluation.
Apply ergonomic principles in your office or lab with on-site training.
Find out more about Ergonomics at work, ergonomic equipment, ergonomic chairs, a healthy back, exercise and stretching and more.
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Office Environment​
Does your office have Clean Air? Good Drinking Water? Is the Food you are served safe?
It is always important to be aware of your surroundings. Anyone in the NIH community who believes that an unsafe or unhealthful working condition exists in the workplace has the right and is encouraged to make a report (oral or written) of the condition to the Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS).
For facility-related issues, your Administrative Officer can contact the relevant Facility Manager.
​Going Green at the NIH
There are four Rs in Going Grrrreeen at NIH:
Reduce— and toxic chemicals
Reuse—check out FreeStuff
Rebuy—make Green Purch
Recycle—Almost everything at NIH is collected for recycle!
To get started, here are a few tips:
1.   Know what items​ can be recycled
2.   Learn what to do with specific items and who to contact with questions—on the Bethesda campus and at leased facilities
Watch this short video for recycling inspiration!  
Think about other ways you can go green at the office.

Healthy Outdoor Space​


In addition to healthy indoor space, having a safe place outside to go for a walk during lunch or on a break is also important.  To encourage walking/ running and to help you track how far you have gone, there are signs on many walkways on the NIH campus that map out walking/running distances.  If those don’t exist where you work, do your own measurements to figure out how you can walk a half mile, mile, etc. indoors or outdoors.  Some leased facilities have walking paths nearby for your lunchtime walking pleasure and exercise.