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Healthy Workspace


No matter what work you do, ergonomics plays an important role in preventing occupational injury and illness. Your workstation should be arranged so that you achieve a neutral, comfortable working posture.


Almost everything at NIH is collected for recycle!

Have a consultant come to your office or lab for an Ergonomic Evaluation.

Apply ergonomic principles in your office or lab with on-site training.

Find out more about Ergonomics at work, ergonomic equipment, ergonomic chairs, a healthy back, exercise and stretching and more.



​             heartwalk
In addition to healthy indoor space, having a safe place outside to go for a walk during lunch or on a break is also important.  To encourage walking/ running and to help you track how far you have gone, there are signs on many walkways on the NIH campus that map out walking/running distances.  If those don't exist where you work, do your own measurements to figure out how you can walk a half mile, mile, etc. indoors or outdoors.  Some leased facilities have walking paths nearby for your lunchtime walking pleasure and exercise.  ​