I'm a Tobacco User

The bad news?  It’s not a secret that quitting smoking, or any nicotine addiction, isn’t easy.
The GOOD news?  There are more resources, support, cost coverage, tips, tools, apps, and other ways to help you quit than ever before.
Whether you’re not sure you can quit (or that you even want to) … or are getting ready to try for the first time … or have already tried (even more than once) and failed … There’s a lot of help available.
Check out the topics below.  And if there’s important information you think we’re missing, Contact Us and let us know.
Getting Started or Re-Started
One of the very best, most comprehensive, and user-friendly tobacco-cessation resources is based right here at NIH –
Take a look. You can start anywhere among its offerings of information, advice, tools, and strategies to help you succeed. 
Companion resources address additional needs and offer additional support, so check these out as well –

No (or Low) $ Required
In the past, nicotine cessation involved several costs. Not anymore – See the options on our page about Coverage for Tobacco Cessation Services and Products.
​Guidance for Family, Friends Significant Others, Collegues
Would you like to have the support of others in your life, but don’t want to be pressured or misunderstood? Get live on-line help from the National Cancer Institute information service LiveHelp!