NIH Well-being Ambassadors



The NIH Well-being Ambassadors was founded in 2019.  The NIH Well-being ambassadors are made up of representatives from each of the 28 Institutes and Centers (ICs) at NIH.  The mission of the well-being ambassadors has been to work directly with key well-being stakeholders to support the promotion and engagement of the NIH Community and to advance the concept of Well-Being along with the associated IC-based initiatives. You have seen this through the dissemination of information from the NIH Child Care Board, NIH Health and Wellness Council, NIH Work-life Committee and the Aging and Adult Dependent Care Committee.  Our responsibilities include Liaison to the Office of Research Services (ORS) and its well-being stakeholder groups that actively support and engage in activities that support employee well-being.  Well-being Ambassadors serve as advocates who actively engage and support integrating well-being into the IC's culture


At NIH, IC Well-being Ambassadors believe in the concept of Well-being; that the whole person comes to work.  Well-being is the state in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, copes with the normal stresses of life, works productively; and, is able to contribute to his or her community. There are five aspects of wellbeing the NIH Well-being Ambassador encourages fellow NIH employees to manage for their overall well-being: Financial Well-being, Physical Well-being, Social Well-being, Community Well-being and Purpose/Career Well-being.

Some of the NIH Well-being Ambassadors opportunities include serving  as Liaisons to the NIH Office of Research Services (ORS) and its well-being stakeholder groups in addition to actively advocating and integrating well-being practices into our IC's culture. We want each NIH employee to know that they are extremely valuable and that their personal well-being matters. ​

The NIH Well-being ambassadors look forward to continuing the partnership with IC leadership to ensure that IC goals have the capacity to explore wellbeing opportunities for employees.   With the intent to positively support the health and well-being of staff in efforts to improve efficiencies as we work together to deploy mission critical tasks here at the NIH, starting with taking our own best healthy advice!

​​​For a listing of the 2021 Well-being Ambassdors go here.


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