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11/7/2023 4:29 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023November is National Diabetes Month, a time when communities across the country team up to bring attention to diabetes. 
National Diabetes Month Is Here
11/7/2023 4:29 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023This year, NIH held the 38th NIH Institute Challenge Relay on Thursday, September 14th hosted by the Recreation & Welfare Program staff.
38th Annual NIH Institute Relay Has Record Turnout
11/7/2023 4:29 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023Two studies were conducted from the NIH Intramural Research Program (IRP) with senior investigator Tonja Nansel, Ph.D., who is seeking explanations for the nutritional choices we make.
Cooking Up a Recipe for Healthier Eating
11/7/2023 4:29 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023These three fall recipes are perfect for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner. Why not give them a try and let us know what you think!
Eurest Fall Recipes to Share with Loved Ones
10/25/2023 10:05 AMBruins, Michael (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023Since the Building 31 Fitness Center has been shut down for such a long period of time, R&W is requiring all previous members, whose memberships were suspended because of the pandemic, to fill out a new application and contract to have current...
Building 31 Fitness Center Re Opens
11/7/2023 4:29 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023The mission of NIH’s Well-Being Ambassadors is to promote, support, and engage the NIH community to advance the concept of well-being and associated initiatives.
NIH’s Well Being Ambassadors are Building Community
11/7/2023 4:29 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023Please welcome Leslie Pont as the NIH Health, Fitness and Well-Being Program Manager. From her roots in competitive gymnastics, both as a gymnast and later as a coach...
Welcome the New NIH Health Fitness & Well Being Programs Manager
11/7/2023 4:29 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023The NIH Office for Research Services (ORS) and the Office of the Director (OD) collaborated to celebrate Yoga Awareness Month offerings geared towards improving access to yoga and improving the understanding of yoga as a mindfulness practice.
Yoga Awareness Month Held Over 40 Classes & Workshops
10/25/2023 9:46 AMBruins, Michael (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023“All That We Share" is a Danish TV commercial that has gone viral over the years and has been viewed over nine million times on YouTube.
All That We Share Exercise & Team Building
11/7/2023 4:39 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023We are still going strong and wrapping up October for National Work and Family Month. Work and Family Month website.
There is Still Time to Join Us National Work and Family Month
11/7/2023 4:29 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023Through the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift toward a hybrid work environment, the term “resilience” has become a word that you have likely heard many times.
Resilience Through Well Being Campaign Makes an Impact
11/7/2023 4:29 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023During the busy fall season, perhaps you would like to add outdoor learning and fun experiences to your family activities.
Get Outdoors Fall Recreation for the Whole Family at Local -Country Parks
11/9/2023 11:07 AMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023Wrap up your 2023 with a boost for your body’s relaxation response. Please join us for a two-part series on non-sleep deep rest hosted by Leslie Pont...
Join a Two Part Series on Non Sleep Deep Rest in November and December
11/7/2023 4:29 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]10/23/2023October 23, 2023Fall 2023Envision Your Goals and Use Creativity to Manifest Your Dreams!
At-home Vision Board Exercises




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