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1/24/2024 11:13 AMPont, Leslie (NIH/OD/ORS) [E]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024Chair Yoga is perfect for office workers, seniors and anyone who finds it difficult to sit on the floor or stand for long periods. It is a gentle form of yoga that is modified to be done while sitting on a chair or using a chair for support.
January 2024 Events
2/15/2024 7:32 PMPont, Leslie (NIH/OD/ORS) [E]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024Join Leslie Pont, NIH Program Manager for Wellness, and Allison Rose, National Center for Weight and Wellness, for post-Valentines Day information-sharing about the importance of good nutrition and how it is imperative to your overall health.
February 2024 Events
3/4/2024 4:23 PMBruins, Michael (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]2/16/2024February 16, 2024Winter 2024National Nutrition Month® is an annual campaign established in 1973 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. During the month of March, you are invited to learn about making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity
March Events
2/16/2024 11:42 AMBruins, Michael (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024Join now through January 31, and R&W will waive the one-time $40 start-up fee (all membership options). Interested in becoming a new member of the Building 31 Fitness Center, Rockledge II, Building 53 or Bayview?
NIH Fitness Centers January Special & Increased Staffing
1/16/2024 11:08 AMBruins, Michael (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024Compiled by NIH Health and Wellness Council, we bring you a list of the top five practical wellness tips.
2024 New Year New You Wellness Tips
1/11/2024 3:24 PMBruins, Michael (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024Our Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) classes were quite popular in November and December 2023, with over 100 attendees at each session and we are bringing the series back in January.
Non-Sleep Deep Rest with Allison in January
1/12/2024 5:07 PMWeldesemayat, Tena (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024Show your support and wear red on the first Friday of the month. See the NHLBI flyer for details. Take a moment to join the cause, wear red and share the following resources with loved ones. 
National Wear Red Day is February 2
2/15/2024 7:28 PMPont, Leslie (NIH/OD/ORS) [E]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024After the back-to-back holidays, the article below provides especially helpful food for thought.
Food & Mood Resources + Webinar on Feb. 23
1/11/2024 2:58 PMBruins, Michael (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024Have you noticed yourself feeling "down" or having the "winter blues" when the days get shorter in the fall and winter?
Addressing Seasonal Affective Disorder
1/11/2024 2:58 PMBruins, Michael (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024Many people who have been diagnosed with cancer use complementary health approaches.
The Science Behind Mindfulness
1/23/2024 12:02 PMPont, Leslie (NIH/OD/ORS) [E]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024You can support the health of your heart by implementing positive changes in your lifestyle today.
American Heart Month Activities
1/23/2024 3:59 PMBruins, Michael (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024On February 8, 2024, Wellness at NIH is bringing Kaiser Permanente’s Mobile Health Vehicle to the NIH Bethesda campus for complimentary biometric screenings.
Biometric Screenings with Kaiser Permanente Mobile Health, February 8
1/11/2024 2:58 PMBruins, Michael (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 2024 View the recipe card and QR Code to add the ingredients to your shopping list!
Two Winter Recipes from Eurest (NIH Dining Services)
1/11/2024 2:58 PMBruins, Michael (NIH/OD/ORS) [C]1/8/2024January 08, 2024Winter 20242023 was a year of hard work and transitions for many post-COVID, including NIH wellness programming and program staff.
Wellness@NIH Website Re-Design & Well-Being Ambassadors' Pages Launch




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