NIH Aging and Adult Dependent Care Committee



The Aging and Adult-Dependent Care Committee (AADCC) was established in 2014 in response to results of the 2012 Life@NIH Survey that identified a deficit in 1) awareness of existing aging and adult-dependent care resources for employees, and 2) guidance received by supervisors in promoting work-life services to their employees.  The survey results also demonstrated the increasing demand rate for these services would triple within a five-year period.  Aging World reports that from 2025 to 2050, the older population is projected to almost double to 1.6 billion globally.  Today, there are more Americans ages 65 and older — just over 49 million, according to the U.S. Census — than at any other time in history, and we expect these numbers to grow as more Baby Boomers (individuals born between 1946 and 1964) reach retirement age.  The age distribution of NIH employees reflects this nationwide trend.  Over 50% of NIH employees are over the age of 50.  As our workforce ages, the NIH Office of Research Services (ORS) has made concerted efforts to anticipate the specific needs of workers as they and those they love age.   


The mission of the AADCC is to promote aging and adult-dependent care resources, information, and related services to the NIH workforce; research and recommend effective actions that meet the needs of the diverse NIH workforce (federal employees, trainees and contractors); and report to the NIH Deputy Director for Management regarding aging, adult-dependent, and elder care programs and policies in support of the NIH Mission.  The majority of the work of the AADCC is completed by three workgroups: Communications, Research and Membership. There are 13 Voting Members with interests and/or diverse experiences in dealing with adult-dependent care issues.  Members represent various ICs and employment categories across the NIH workforce.  Liaisons and Stakeholder Groups include the NIH Child Care Board, Health and Wellness Council, Employee Assistance Program, Office of Human Resources, Office of Research Services & Well-being Ambassadors.  

Since 2017, this committee: has analyzed numerous surveys to determine employees' needs and interest for AADCC services; collaborated with multiple stakeholder communities to cross promote services; initiated an aging and adult dependent care listserv; provided information on local and nationwide services for adult dependents and elders; sponsored webinars on caregiving and aging; promoted services at campus-wide events; and continues to advocate for aging and adult dependent care services that support the workforce.  One of the AADCC's main functions is to promote awareness of these resources for NIH employees both on and off campus.​

Your input is important.  Please participate in sponsored surveys, as the responses to FEVS (Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey) and other surveys guide the AADCC Committee and its programs.  There is a plethora of services available to employees, contractors, and trainees.  Please look at this link  to familiarize yourself with the resources available and contact us if you have any question/concerns or just wish to contribute. 



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