At-home Vision Board Exercises

​​​​​​Instructions for Vision Boards​

Envision Your Goals and Use Creativity to Manifest Your Dreams

  1. S​mall poster boards work best, found at Staples or your local craft store. Print the file below, entitled. 'Template for Your Vision Board Layout.' or make your own headings. Grab scissors, tape or a glue stick for sticking items to the board.
  2. Choose a theme/layout.
  3. Choose quotes, images and sayings that resonate with you.
  4. Have a seat and begin to design your board!
  5. Get out​ markers, colored pencils or anything you'd like to make your board colorful and more creative
  6. Place your board in an area that you will see it often to remind you of the goals and the growth you are striving for. (fridge, home office, etc.)
  7. Repeat with your friends or family for a fun way to help each other be accountable to goals and dreams​

​​​Below is are some links to templates and additional resources:

Template for your vision board layout
Ideas for affirmations to use
Photos to choose from and cut out
Quote ideas for your board
Topics/ideas to divide your board into various sections


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