Flexible Work Options

Balancing the demands of the workplace and our personal responsibilities is not always easy.  Teleworking and alternative work schedules are useful strategies that help alleviate commuting/parking problems as well.  Learn more about flexible work options below.
Interest in telework has expanded in recent years as a result of advancements in telecommunications, the rising cost of office space and utilities, increased traffic congestion, and the desire for more flexibility in the workplace. Telework provides a practical solution to many of these challenges. 
All eligible NIH employees need to fill out a telework application and receive supervisory approval.  For more information about telework or to get started, see the resources below:
For additional information, read more about the NIH Telework Program. 
Need Help Getting a New Schedule Going?
Schedule a Time Management Support Session with the Employee Assistance Program at NIH.  EAP provides time management assistance, work schedule planning assistance and more at no cost. Visit their website to learn more information about how you can sign up for these services.




Alternative Work Schedules
An Alternative Work schedule (AWS) encompasses Flexible Work Schedules (FWS) and Compressed Work Schedules (CWS).  Implementation of AWS is a matter of management and supervisory discretion.
Compressed Work Schedules: For a full-time employee, there is an 80-hour bi-weekly basic work requirement, but thisis scheduled for less than10 workdays. These schedules are fixed and include 5/4/9, 4/10, and 3/13 work schedules.
Flexible Work Schedules: This schedule allows an employee some flexibility to determine his or her own tour of duty (while still meeting the 80-hour basic work requirement for a full-time employee). The schedule must meet supervisory approval and stay within the core time requirements and flexible time limits set by the IC.  Examples include Flexitour, Gliding, Variable Day Schedule, Variable Week Schedule, and Maxiflex .
Visit the Office of Human Resource at NIH website for additional information and related resources.