What You Can Do at NIH

Being active during the work day has been shown to improve blood circulation, reduce stress and improve work productivity.  In addition to the fitness centers and classes that are offered at work, you can walk, climb stairs, and do exercises at your desk.  
​Physical Activity In the Workplace

There are ways to add physical activity to your workday commute, office routine, and lunch time.  Even one or two 10 minute activity periods per day makes a difference!​

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans in the Workplace

Sit Less - Stand and Move More!
Prolonged sitting time is a health risk.  Many U.S. adults spend more than half of their workday sitting.  Brief standing and walk breaks throughout the day improves blood circulation, flexibility, and even brain function.
  • Try pacing your office when on a call
  • Take regular breaks to do exercises at our desk
  • Try “active” sitting – engage your core muscles by sitting on a balance ball instead of your desk chair
What might be next: standing and walking workstations!
NIH Fitness Centers, Classes, and Training Resources
Take advantage of the NIH R&W fitness centers, classes, and   personal training resources. Different membership plans are available.

Other Fitness Centers for NIH Employees
  • Shady Grove Fitness Center (NCI staff)
  • Democracy I Fitness Center Contact:  Roger Yu ryu@vno.com or (301) 493-6873



Get moving! Walk at Work! 


HeartWalk at NIH - Bright red HeartWalk logo stencils have been placed in 1/10 mile increments all over the NIH campus on most of our traveled sidewalks. Count 10 logos and you have traveled approximately 1 mile

Getting Started
Host a walking meeting!
​Did you walk today? Find a walking path near you!​
NIH Clubs
Take advantage of the many activity and social clubs that are open to NIH employees.