What You Can Do at Home

There are many ways to include physical activity in your daily routine. Finding something you enjoy makes it easier to maintain a regular activity routine.   Being physically activity is a great way to spend time with your family and friends.
Involve Your Friends and Family
Activity is fun and is a great way to socialize.
Make a list of community projects, and household and yard chores you can do with friends and family. 
Parent Tips: Set an example for your children—Limit family screen time to no more than 2 hours per day and encourage your children to play.
Indoor Activities
You can be active even indoors.  
Indoor activity can involve   something as simple as everyday housework and chores.  Dancing, active video games, and aerobics work-outs are other options when the weather is inclement - and you can do these activities with others.
Find a non-NIH gym that offers membership discounts to NIH employees:  ORS list
Activity for All
Physical activity is important for everyone regardless of age, mobility, and ability level.
Activity is important for healthy aging. "Tips to stay active are included in the site - Go4Life"
Many groups offer events and classes that accommodate persons with physical, mobility, and other challenges, thus offering opportunities for social interaction and physical activity.
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